A new, state-of-the-art hospital with public and private facilities under the one roof”



I am accredited to admit both public and private patients to Northern Beaches Hospital under my care for a variety of blood-related conditions. This is a growing state-of-the-art metropolitan hospital with public and private facilities under the one roof. I also offer a haematology consultation service. This is available for any patient admitted to Northern Beaches Hospital who has a haematological problem and whose treating specialist requests my assistance to manage this condition.

I also provide laboratory haematology services at Northern Beaches Hospital. This includes performing and interpreting bone marrow biopsies, interpreting blood films and other laboratory tests important to haematology, and providing transfusion and other advice to assist doctors to interpret abnormal laboratory results on their patients.



Laboratory services at Northern Beaches Hospital are provided by Australian Clinical Labs, which offers a range of diagnostic tests important in haematology. These results are easily accessed by all treating specialists within the hospital. Patients also have access to a comprehensive range of radiology and other diagnostic services. 



Treatment may involve chemotherapy or other supportive therapies. I will discuss the options with you and obtain your consent prior to any chemotherapy or other procedure. I will also provide you with information about your treatment to read and share with those close to you. You will be offered a chemotherapy education session prior to your treatment, to help you understand what is involved.

You will be well cared for.