“Improving access to quality haematological care for our rural communities”



I am able to offer you treatment for an extensive range of blood conditions, both cancer related and non-cancer related.



At your consultation with me I will talk to you about your condition, perform a physical examination and ask you to have some blood tests. We will discuss your condition and formulate a management plan. You are welcome to attend your appointment either on your own or with others.



Blood tests can be done either at Griffith Base Hospital (Pathology West) or through your most convenient pathology provider. Please advise me which provider you use, as it is best if you use the same provider throughout your care. If you require a bone marrow biopsy, I will arrange this for you. These are done regularly at Griffith Base Hospital or at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. I will arrange any other relevant tests including radiology and PET scans for you. In some cases I will ask you to travel to Sydney for the day to have several investigations quickly. Our staff will assist with co-ordinating all these appointments for you. You may be eligible for travel or accommodation reimbursement for your trip Learn More →



Treatment may involve chemotherapy or other therapies. I will discuss the options with you, and obtain your consent prior to any chemotherapy or other procedure. I will also provide you with information about your treatment to read and share with those close to you. You will be offered a chemotherapy education session prior to your treatment, to help you understand what is involved. Many treatments, including some types of chemotherapy, blood product transfusions and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) are given in the Griffith Oncology Unit located at Griffith Base Hospital. This unit is serviced by experienced nurses who are trained to give chemotherapy, blood products and other specialised medication. While every effort is made to treat you in Griffith, occasionally it is more appropriate that you have part or all of your treatment in Sydney. In this case, our staff including our social worker will assist you and your family with finding suitable accommodation in Sydney (hospital-owned accommodation or otherwise). You may be eligible for travel or accommodation reimbursement for your trip Learn More →

You will be well cared for.


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